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Landscape Lighting Techniques & Where They Should be Used

Landscape Lighting Techniques & Where They Should be Used

Highlighting the beauty of your landscape structures can be achieved through a number of different techniques. The various techniques available are, in part, due to the versatility that today's lighting sources have, with regards to where they can be placed. Designed to blend in, modern lighting elements are easily hidden in ground coverings, submerged in water features, or placed into trees. Below are three popular lighting techniques used to accentuate your landscape.

Up Lighting

Up lights are designed to show off the specifics of your landscape, such as unique plants or architectural elements. Up lights also add dimension to walls, fences, or other flat surfaces, add ambient light for walkways, and create dramatic silhouettes with well-placed highlights and shadows.

Up lighting is achieved with many different types of lights, such as spotlights or floodlights. They are usually mounted at ground level (or sometimes even below ground level), with the light turned upward to create the desired effect.

Down Lighting

In contrast to up lights, down lights, as their name implies, are turned to face downward and can be placed above ground in patio covers, stone walls, trees, or house eves. This illuminates large spaces to bathe the ground in light and define specific areas by using an inviting glow.

Downlighting can be used to spotlight a flower bed or waterfall, for example, and can be a very effective way to illuminate a doorway. When placed high up in...

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The 5 Most Popular Plants that Thrive during the Summer in Mt. Juliet, TN

The 5 Most Popular Plants that Thrive during the Summer in Mt. Juliet, TN

Mt. Juliet, TN reach an average of 80°F throughout the summer months. Plants in your landscaping design need to be able to withstand the more intense sun and heat to bloom all summer long. Choose native plants that can endure the heat, while adding beauty and style to your landscaping.

Below are five top choices for the area of Mt. Juliet that bring ease of maintenance, beauty, and enjoyment during the hot summer months.

1. Purple Coneflower

Coneflowers are a beautiful plant that brings vibrancy and color to your bedding design. They are immune system-boosting herbs that can grow up to 47" tall. Coneflowers are a versatile plant that can flourish in full sun or partial shade. The most common variety of coneflower, the purple coneflower, typically has purple petals with gold centers.

However, this species is available in a rainbow of colors to suit your landscaping preferences.

2. Hosta

Hostas are shrubs that are a popular choice in a variety of areas across the nation, due to their resilience to heat and drought. They do well in shade and grow all season long. These plants make an excellent landscape filler that breaks up the bold colors of your perennial and annual flowers.

3. Daylilies

Another low-maintenance and beautiful option for your landscape design are daylilies. These flowers bloom in a gorgeous fashion from May through August and present a vibrant display of color. The most common daylilies, a bright yellow version, can create an...

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