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Stunning Plants You Should Add to Your Landscaping This Spring

Stunning Plants You Should Add to Your Landscaping This Spring

If your landscape's appearance has suffered during the long winter, it's not too late to revive it. Here at Master's Landscape Design, we have a comprehensive plant catalog available, so you can browse a variety of plants to add to your landscaping in Mt. Juliet, Green Hill, or Lebanon, TN this spring. Our landscaping team will also install the plants you choose for your landscape.

Coming up with the right inspiration for your landscape's design can be difficult, especially if you're starting from scratch. Check out some of the following plants our landscaping crew can install this spring that will bring both aesthetic appeal and an easy upkeep process to your landscape.

Black-eyed Susans come in striking yellow, gold, and bronze colors that liven up your landscape.

Black-eyed Susans are available in different colors including yellow, gold, and bronze. Their distinctive features are their dark brown centers, which serve as striking contrasts to their brightly-colored petals. These perennials reach up to two feet in height, so they can add a sense of fullness to a once-barren landscape. Black-eyed Susans typically don't attract any pests; rather, they entice a variety of pollinators to inhabit your yard in Lebanon and promote its overall ecological health.

Black-eyed Susans pair well with other prairie flowers including butterfly weeds and coneflowers.

Little lime hydrangeas bloom bright green in the summer and pink...

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How Cleaning & Sealing Services Benefit Your Patios, Walkways, & More

How Cleaning & Sealing Services Benefit Your Patios, Walkways, & More

Whether it be an outdoor kitchen, walkway, patio, or retaining wall, you should take pride in the appearance of your property's hardscape features.

Here at Master's Landscape Design, we offer cleaning and sealing services for hardscape features in Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, and Green Hill, TN.

Some property owners forgo the cleaning and sealing process for their hardscapes because they have faith in their construction. No matter how well-built a hardscape feature is, it will inevitably experience some wear and tear. Check out some of the ways that professional cleaning and sealing services can prolong the life of your hardscaping elements.

Our hardscape cleaning company tackles weeds and other natural growth on your hardscape features.

Weeds, roots, mosses, and vines are very robust and can sneak their way in between the cracks of your hardscape features. Though this kind of natural growth may seem minuscule, it can develop into bigger issues over time.

Our cleaning company tackles weeds, roots, mosses, and vines head-on. We uproot this sneaky growth to prevent your patio or walkway from developing cracks.

If your home's patio or walkway has some natural gaps in it, our hardscape maintenance team will recommend filling in these gaps with something like mortar or sand. This way, we can more directly suppress the growth of unwanted softscape.

Our hardscape maintenance experts can address issues like mold, mildew, and fungus growth.


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