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Top 6 Recommended Outdoor Kitchen Features for the Summertime

Top 6 Recommended Outdoor Kitchen Features for the Summertime

Outdoor kitchens are one of the greatest ways to get outside more during the summertime. Who wants to go inside to cook when you can continue to get some sunshine while making dinner? Not us! Not only do outdoor kitchens serve as incredible party hosting companions, but they also increase your property value.

Whether you are building your outdoor kitchen from scratch or you are thinking of ways to upgrade your current one, we can help! The following amenities are perfect additions to your outdoor kitchen and will make summertime that much sweeter!

1) Refrigerator

This could be the most convenient addition to your outdoor kitchen. Many ingredients that you cook with require staying cold until you need them. Without a refrigerator handy in your outdoor kitchen, you will either have to walk back inside every time you need to grab something cold OR you will need to leave it out on the counter in the hot sun until it is ready to be used. Neither option is ideal, which is why we highly suggested adding a refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen.

2) Grill

Outdoor kitchen with a grill installed at a home in Mt. Juliet, TN.

Most grills are outdoors anyway, so why not add one to your outdoor kitchen plan? There is usually limited space for tools, plates, and food when cooking on a standalone grill. Installing a grill in between some counters in your outdoor kitchen will make the life of any cook that much easier.

3) Smoker

Take your cooking to the next level by adding a smoker to your outdoor kitchen. Smokers use a...

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Perennials vs. Annuals in Tennessee: Spring Addition

Perennials vs. Annuals in Tennessee: Spring Addition

When choosing plants for your landscape in Mt. Juliet, TN, it’s helpful to understand the difference between perennial and annual flowers and plants. Each plant type has a unique life cycle and blooming season, and your selection should be based on your landscaping goals.

Our experts here at Master's Landscape Design put together this guide on the differences between spring perennials and annuals, as well as some common native species you can consider for your garden.

The Differences Between Spring Perennials and Annuals


The most significant difference between perennials and annuals is their lifecycle. Perennials have a lifespan of three or more growing seasons, with some lasting for many years. During the colder winter months, plants in this category go dormant, but they grow out in spring to go through their seasonal bloom.

Annuals only live for one season, and you have to replant them every year. Because perennials grow back every spring, you don’t have to replant them, making them a great addition if you prefer consistency. However, if you like to change your garden and try different looks, annual plants are best.

Blooming Period

Annual plants’ lifespan only lasts for a season, but they have a long bloom season. Perennials bloom during the growing season at specific times, but their blooming period is generally shorter than that of annuals.

Annual flowers bloom from a young age, and...

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