One of our newest projects centered around a client, who wanted to create an outdoor living space that allows the family to enjoy both the fresh air and the scenic view that surrounds their home. During this project, we installed a brand new flagstone patio and walkway, complete with a pergola, fire pit, and built-in seating wall.

The goal of the space was to create a functional, yet beautiful, design that was a true extension of the existing home.

Durable Design Using Flagstone for the Walkway and Patio

Imagine a design that encompasses durability, natural elements, and brings dimension to your home. This is what we achieved with our client. We created a look that balanced out the exterior of the home by utilizing a variety of light and dark flagstones.

The flagstones, with their long-lasting durability, offers a guarantee that our homeowner will have a solid walkway and patio for years to come. The curves around the edges of the patio give a flowing, organic feel. This allows the family to relax and entertain in an environment that feels natural.

Pergola as a Daytime Entertainment Space

Our client is able to enjoy the beautiful, natural surroundings of Mt. Juliet, in a semi-private area, under their new pergola. The pergola helps brings an eye-catching element to the design and adds a unique and intimate area, where they can entertain a small group of family and friends during the daytime.

Our designers balanced the space of the pergola with the size of the patio and the area set aside for the fire pit. The result is that space is evenly distributed between entertainment areas, creating a good traffic flow with sub-divided areas along the patio.

Stacked Stone Fire Pit & Seating Area

With ample space for seating and a sturdy, built-in fire pit, this client is ready to enjoy the night sky! Built-in fire pits allow customization and originality for customers looking to add a touch of their personality. This client chose to have both their fire pit and seating area constructed out of stacked stone, which complimented the space well.

The stacked stone seating wall follows the natural, organic curve of the patio and directs your eyes around the fire pit, towards the pergola, and back to the home.

Tell Us What You Think

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