A backyard can be many things: a lawn, a dog run, or a playground just to name a few. One homeowner in Mt. Juliet, TN wanted a fireplace and kitchen — a comfortable, welcoming space that could be an extension of their home.

We took this small, simple space, and we built just that. Using a combination of stacked rock and flagstone, we constructed a new patio, an outdoor kitchen, and a beautiful standalone fireplace that came together to create a perfect space for family and entertainment.

Natural flagstone patio and stairs.

The first challenge was making the patio itself appear less stark. By replacing the concrete on the patio and stairs with flagstone, which naturally varies in color and shape, we created a more organic look and feel in the backyard. Flagstone is not only extremely durable and ensures that their new patio will have a long life, but it also creates a unique visual as no two pieces are exactly the same.

Building a small kitchen, outdoors!

The kitchen was a unique element of this space. Not only did the homeowner want a place to grill, but also a functioning kitchen with a countertop and workspace. We built the L-shaped kitchen with beautiful, dynamic stacked stone to create new textures in the design. We then installed natural stone countertops for a beautiful, easy-to-clean workspace for any outdoor soirées.

The focal point, a stacked stone fireplace.

One of the most important elements—the standalone fireplace. We constructed this stately beauty using the same stacked stone to complement the kitchen area. This truly tied the backyard together. It created an element of privacy from their next-door neighbors, while also establishing a beautiful focal point for the space.

Finishing Touches

Finally, we trimmed and tidied the landscaping and laid down new mulch to create rich color and texture in the soil. And voila! This once cold, concrete backyard became a beautiful, welcoming extension of their home. See the incredible transformation in these before and after photos. Take a look at the potential that the original backyard had, and the warm, inviting space that we were able to turn it into.

Before and after a patio and fireplace renovation in Mt. Juliet, TN.

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