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Hardscaping elements in the backyard of a home in Mt. Juliet, TN, that have been cleaned and sealed.

Cleaning & Sealing

We offer maintenance and protection for your hardscaping elements.

Protect your hardscaping investments by hiring our professional cleaning and sealing service!

When homeowners add new hardscape elements to their property, such as an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or a paver patio, it can be an expensive venture. You can protect your hardscaping investment by taking advantage of our cleaning and sealing services.

What do we do?

Our cleaning and sealing services offer you a worry-free maintenance option for your property. We want you to enjoy your hardscape, so we offer an array of services that will make sure that each hardscaping element stays looking new for years to come! That is why we offer maintenance services that fit your needs.

Backyard patio and firepit in %%tagetarea1%% that has received cleaning and sealing services.

Cleaning Your Hardscaping Elements

Over time, weather, weeds, and insects can create strains on your hardscaping elements. This natural wear and tear can leave your investment looking less than perfect. With our industrial grade cleaners, we can restore your hardscaping back to its original state, leaving it fresh and clean.

Seal & Protect Your Hardscape

Before you let the natural elements wear down your newly installed hardscape, hire us to seal it with a water-based or solvent-based sealer. Sealers come in a variety of options, including matte, satin, and semi-gloss.

Typical water-based sealers last an average of 3-5 years, while solvent-based protection last 5-10 years.

Extra Maintenance Solutions to Guard Against Fungus Growth, Insect Damage, Rust, & More

As an additional maintenance service for your hardscape, we provide options that hinder fungus growth, guard against insect damage, and treat against weed growth.

We also offer solutions to protect against problems with sand washout, rust, oil, water, and salt stains.

Schedule Our Cleaning & Sealing Services

At Master's Landscape Design, we want our customers to be fully satisfied for years to come with their hardscaping elements. Your outdoor living space should be an oasis that needs minimal maintenance. Call us today at (615) 288-2052 to get an estimate on cleaning and sealing services.

stone-hardscaping-elements-cleaned-and-sealed-by-Master's Landscape Design.