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Landscaping & Hardscaping rendering for project in Mt. Juliet, TN by Master's Landscape Design.

3D Designs & Renderings

We create realistic designs and renderings for our projects in the Mt. Juliet area.

Using realistic designs and renderings make our projects go smoother.

When we begin any new project, it starts with an initial consultation. During our initial consultation, we'll make sure we understand exactly what your visions and goals are for the project. Our highly skilled designers use your visions and goals to create a very detailed design plan for your new landscaping and/or hardscaping project.

As our client, you'll receive a complete design plan with realistic computer renderings. This allows you to get a good idea of what your finished project will look like. Your rendering will contain all elements to scale and their layouts. We'll go over this design with you and make changes as necessary until you are completely satisfied. Executing landscape and hardscape projects with a definitive plan and approved rendering helps the project go smoothly, as everyone is on the same page. This also means fewer mistakes, on time project completion and happy clients.

3D rendering of new patio, retaining walls and landscaping by Master's Landscape Design.

Design and renderings techniquess for landscaping and hardscaping jobs.

Contrast and color, one of the most important parts of any project. It can be hard to visualize a final landscape or hardscape design, so we use color shading, shadows and highlights to create a more realistic rendering with accurate colors. We use different shades and highlights of colors to represent what your project would look like on both sunny and overcast days.

Tree, plant and flowers shape & sizes. Our professional designers will include every detail in the rendering, including the planted size, and the mature size, of all the plants and trees. The design will also provide detail for any flowers that will be planted, including annuals that will be planted seasonally.

Hardscaping features. This is very crucial in the design and rendering process because we must ensure that scale, size and location is spot on. Our renderings will also highlight textures and provide dimensions of the different elements. A well balanced design/rendering is key to any great project.

In general, the details of the major elements, such as plants, trees, flowers and hardscaping elements, will need to be very specific. Other smaller details, such as mulch, will be represented with a solid color.

Ready to get started on your project? Give us a call at (615) 288-2052 for your initial consultation and realistic design rendering. We're currently serving Mt. Juliet, TN and surrounding areas.

Check out some of our actual design renderings.

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