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Back patio and firepit with custom outdoor lighting by Master's Landscape Design.

Outdoor Lighting

We light up landscaping and outdoor living spaces in Mt. Juliet, TN.

Outdoor walkway lighting at Mt. Juliet home, installed by Master's Landscape Design.

Light up your landscaping, outdoor living spaces and home at night!

Master's Landscape Design focuses on all things hardscaping and softscaping, with that comes lighting all these beautiful designs. Outdoor lighting done right is much more than adding a few flood lights. We specialize in landscape lighting design, including the different techniques and variety of lighting types. We want our customers to enjoy their new outdoor living spaces at night, as much as they do during the day. Our team of professionals at Master's Landscape Design, are trained lighting designers. We know how to create that "WOW" factor when lighting your outdoor living space, landscaping or home.

When designing and installing your new lighting system, our team has the expertise and experience to deliver the highest industry standards, even in the toughest of spaces. We can install lighting in ponds, waterfalls, pools and trees, as well as in all kinds of surfaces, such as recessed lighting in walkways. We are confident that we'll turn your vision into reality when it comes to outdoor lighting.

There are many different lighting effects, lighting fixtures and placements.

  • Down lighting from hardscaping surfaces is when light fixtures are placed upside down under benches, countertops and seating walls. During the day these lights are hidden, but at night they create a soft glow.
  • Spot Lighting is used to highlight a main feature, such as a water fountain or any other focal point. One or two spotlights are typically used to highlight center pieces.
  • Path Lighting is pretty basic, but is very popular when lighting steps, walkways and driveways.
  • Up Lighting uses low voltage lighting and is most commonly used to light up a tree from the ground. These lights are typically placed 8-10 feet from the trunk and will produce light that highlights the shape and trunk structure.
  • Grazing is generally used to highlight a texture or some other stone work. Lights are placed right against the wall with the beams pointed up, causing a shadow that captures the texture of the wall or stone work.

These are just a few techniques that we use in our lighting designs to capture the beauty of your home's hardscaping and landscaping at night. If you're located in Mt. Juliet, TN, or surrounding area such as Lebanon or Green Hill, give us a call at (615) 288-2052 to schedule your consultation. You may also complete our online consultation form below.

Custom outdoor and landscape lighting on back patio for homeowner in Mt. Juliet, TN

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